MISSION – A non-political, non-profit, non-sectarian, volunteer organization promoting the employment of Indigenous people by networking and sharing information on best employment practices. Working together to Promote Native Employment: * Native organizations * Governments * Industries * Unions “Investing in the Indigenous Workforce: A Valuable Resource”

GOALS – To provide value for membership by: 
* Conducting periodic member surveys to develop recruitment and retention strategies, including potential programs and services
* Monitoring membership satisfaction
* Providing full disclosure of financial status to members
* Holding bi-annual elections of the IANE-WC Inc. Board of Directors

To provide a forum for and to promote initiatives involving all stakeholders committed to the full participation of Indigenous peoples in the work force by:
* Encouraging programs that are current and relevant
* Making a range of expertise available to members through periodic workshops 
* Hosting regular membership meetings to provide opportunities to exchange information
* Sharing information and participating in events, career fairs, activities and conferences

To facilitate beneficial partnerships among members and non-members by:
* Identifying and arranging opportunities for partnerships with other national, regional, and local stakeholders
* Recognizing effective partnerships through awards