Virtual Awards Luncheon 2021 held at T-Birds, Food, Fun, Games

The IANE Westman Champions of Indigenous Awards recognizes employers, individuals and entrepreneurs for their commitment, leadership and innovation in promoting the employment of Indigenous people in the Westman region. This year 2 businesses and 1 individual was recognized for their efforts in the community. T-Birds, Food, Fun, Games and Blue Water Wash was honoured this year for their work in the Indigenous community by hiring and believing in them, and also by helping the Indigenous grow within by providing them better opportunities to advance up the chains. As for Gail Cullen, this remarkable woman carries with her, exceptional leadership and nothing but respect towards the Indigenous community. Gail, has been recognized by helping those facing barriers by giving them an opportunity to succeed in life, to feel pride and to feel valued by believing in them. Even though Gail’s position revolves around Indigenous initiatives, she goes the extra mile with her work in the community. Thank you all for your work, and keep it up! Please see the videos below for each of their interviews…keep in mind, each are very humble.

To view the Video of the Event, please go to: (Time stamp: Champion Awards start at 1:22 in the video)

T-Birds, Food, Fun, Games

Blue Water Wash

Gail Cullen

Eagle Feather Ceremony: Honouring elder Barry French

Barry is a well respected elder in the community with a deep spirituality that influences many aspects of his life. He strives to share his knowledge, and does so leading by example: by living his life according to deeply ingrained principles, values and teachings. Barry is committed to sharing his knowledge, guidance, and enjoys teaching others to respect the natural world, to learn to listen, and does so, without making others feel silly for not knowing. Barry is a well, deserving individual recognized for his work in the community that deserves this prestigious gift of an Eagle Feather.

Please see the video of Barry sharing his knowledge about the Eagle Feather, and his teachings:

Pictures of this year’s Luncheon: